Our Vision

A safer, greener, more connected world.

Our Mission

Protecting our planet and humanity by connecting technology with intelligent insight to cut carbon emissions, improve safety and reduce risk, one data driven day at a time.

Our Values

INNOVATIVE I am ambitious, setting the bar high to achieve results beyond my expectations.

I am continually reflecting, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes.

I work collaboratively with my team members, sharing feedback about ideas and inspiring new ways of thinking.

I pride myself on going above and beyond to deliver a positive impact to others.

I am focused on cutting carbon emissions, minimising waste and reducing energy consumption.

I look for ways to reduce risk, improve safety and enrich wellbeing.


PROFESSIONALISM I work to the highest standards, especially where ethics, conduct and performance are concerned.

I am conscientious, dependable and totally committed to achieving our goals.

I treat others with dignity and respect.

ACCOUNTABILITY I make good decisions, identify potential risks and consider consequences.

I always deliver on my commitments.

I always take responsibility and do not blame others or myself.


CUSTOMER CENTRIC I understand that customer happiness is integral to everything I do.

I am actively involved in delivering the best customer experience possible.

I understand our customers’ individual needs and build strong, lasting relationships.


TEAM SPIRIT I embrace our camaraderie, balancing the need for working smart and having fun.

I am inclusive, valuing every team members’ differences and points of view.

I play my part in making Matrix iQ a great place to work.

How we're improving employee safety

  • Supplying fleets with telematics & cameras to help monitor driver risk
  • Providing insurers and fleets with tech agnostic vehicle usage data to run risk insights
  • Equipping businesses with the tools they need to track their employees working in isolation
  • Monitoring customer collision data to provide accurate First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) reporting
  • Offering driver eLearning and risk intervention services

How we're reducing the industry's impact on the environment

  • Helping businesses reduce their fuel consumption through increased fleet efficiency
  • Reducing vehicle wear and tear caused by inefficient and high-risk driving
  • Providing consultancy services for EV adoption
  • Developing tech agnostic data solutions to give businesses access to the data they need to run their own efficiency insights

How we're protecting business assets

  • Providing the tools and equipment fleets need to track and monitor the location of their vehicles
  • Developing innovative tracking solutions to improve stolen asset recovery rates
  • Using IoT technology to help businesses better manage and catalogue their machinery and equipment
  • Taking a customer first approach by designing agnostic solutions which allow all tracking data to be viewed in a single dashboard