We’re bridging the gap between connected technology and intelligent insight by giving businesses the ability to combine all of their telematics & IoT data into one platform. By doing so, we believe we can help businesses improve the safety of their employees, reduce their environmental impact and protect their business assets.

Proud to support


Brake the road safety charity

How we're improving employee safety

  • Supplying fleets with telematics & cameras to help monitor driver risk
  • Providing insurers and fleets with tech agnostic vehicle usage data to run risk insights
  • Equipping businesses with the tools they need to track their employees working in isolation
  • Monitoring customer collision data to provide accurate First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) reporting
  • Offering driver eLearning and risk intervention services

How we're reducing the industry's impact on the environment

  • Helping businesses reduce their fuel consumption through increased fleet efficiency
  • Reducing vehicle wear and tear caused by inefficient and high-risk driving
  • Providing consultancy services for EV adoption
  • Developing tech agnostic data solutions to give businesses access to the data they need to run their own efficiency insights

How we're protecting business assets

  • Providing the tools and equipment fleets need to track and monitor the location of their vehicles
  • Developing innovative tracking solutions to improve stolen asset recovery rates
  • Using IoT technology to help businesses better manage and catalogue their machinery and equipment
  • Taking a customer first approach by designing agnostic solutions which allow all tracking data to be viewed in a single dashboard