SmartView Platform

  • Measure the impact driver behaviour has on claims and emissions
  • View normalised fleet risk data from 40+ TSPs & OEMs
  • Share live performance dashboards with your policyholders
  • Analyse the impact of Usage-Based and Pay-How-You-Drive schemes
  • Identify high risk fleets currently on cover
  • Increase customer stickiness via unique added-value insights

SmartLink Data Aggregation

  • Pull telematics data via API from 40+ TSPs & OEMs
  • Score driver risk in the same way across all fleets
  • Get an immediate view of historic driver risk
  • Automate pricing decisions
  • Offer Usage-Based and Pay-How-You-Drive schemes without mandating new kit
  • Reduce the environmental impact of mandated telematics policies

Aftermarket Devices

  • Range of telematics & cameras
  • Fill in any gaps with your on cover fleets
  • Delivered to your policyholder within 2 working days
  • Pull data via SmartLink if you have a preferred supplier
  • View data from all policyholder devices on the SmartView Platform

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