Car Dealership’s Guide to Using MagTrack

Worried about losing your valuable assets to theft? For car dealerships, there is significant risk of cars being stolen from the forecourt or, occasionally, even on a test drive, but how can you mitigate these risks and protect your assets?

The simple answer, of course, is MagTrack! In this quick post, we’ll take you through exactly how to use our smart device to its full potential.

Setting up your MagTrack device

If you’re starting a free trial with us, you’ll just need to let us know where to send your device and then jump on a quick call so that we can explain MagTrack and its linked app in a little more detail. After the quick training talk, it will be time to get started. 

Unlike traditional stolen asset trackers, MagTrack is wireless, discrete and super easy to install. All you have to do is place it somewhere in the vehicle and you’re ready to go. The device is also magnetic, meaning you have pretty much full control over where you put it. 

There are a number of different modes you can test, including Standby, Transport and Monitor, to help you ensure none of your vehicles are being moved without your knowledge. Getting the hang of the system is easy, and our team is always here to offer support when you need it. 

Using MagTrack for theft

If one of your vehicles is stolen and it contains a MagTrack device, locating the vehicle and recovering it couldn’t be simpler. MagTrack is built with GPS tracking, backed up by cell-ID based location information. This gives you an additional tracking option where GPS isn’t available. The geofencing function allows you to set up alerts if your vehicle moves outside of a pre-defined radius around your dealership without your knowledge, and from there, you can take action.

While you may wish to locate the vehicle yourself, you can also use Matrix iQ’s PAYG Stolen Asset Recovery Service for even greater ease and simplicity. Since your devices will all be linked to our finder network, we can deploy a service to help secure your vehicle. Our average national response time is just one hour.

Why choose MagTrack?

MagTrack is a fantastic way to secure peace of mind, knowing all vehicles at your dealership are being tracked and monitored 24/7. Its sleek design and flexible installation means that it is difficult to locate within the vehicle, stopping criminals from removing it and getting away with theft. 

The device is also more reliable and sustainable than traditional trackers. Its long battery life and rechargeable feature make it a trustworthy, quality investment for your dealership.

Additional MagTrack features

Other valuable features of the MagTrack device include:

  • Up to 5 years’ battery life
  • Motion and tamper alerts
  • Thatcham S7 certified
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Accessible via the app or online
  • Optional Asset Recovery Service

Interested in finding out how MagTrack could help you avoid significant losses? Why not start with a free trial? Request yours here and enjoy peace of mind with our leading stolen asset recovery device.