MagTrack Case Study - West Pennine Insurance

In order to increase customer satisfaction and retention rates, West Pennine Insurance Group came to us looking for a device they could offer their policyholders to help them protect their high value vehicles.

The solution needed to be:

  • Easy to install to avoid delays in setup and expensive installation costs
  • Discreet and difficult to locate to reduce the risk of the device being removed
  • Thatcham S7 certified to open the door to potential policy discounts
  • Linked to a Stolen Asset Recovery Network (S.A.R.N) to help their customers recover their vehicles

SmartLink Case Study - Flock Insurance

To be able to offer dynamic pricing which takes into account not just the number of miles driven but also the behaviour of a fleet’s drivers, Flock needed an easy way to access their policyholder’s telematics data.

The solution needed to be:

  • Quick to set up to avoid lost business due to delays in quoting
  • Simple to implement so as to not create barriers to potential customers signing up
  • Robust enough to allow them to carry out regular driver risk reviews with their policyholders

Case Study - Leading National Car Dealer Group

Having had multiple vehicles stolen from the forecourt and during test drives, a leading national car dealer group came to us to looking for a solution that would help them improve their recovery rate, as well as keep their employees safe.

The solution needed to:

  • Provide reliable tracking for any vehicle stolen from their forecourts
  • Be discreet enough to reduce the chances of removal
  • Improve the safety of their employees while on test drives
  • Offer an out-of-hours finders service to assist with locating stolen vehicles

DRiiVE Intervention Trial

In order to measure the impact of our DRiiVE Intervention service on fleet performance, we ran a 4-month trial across 500 vehicles within a leading field engineering and managed services provider to the telecom and internet industry.

We set out to measure the change in:

  • Number of drivers displaying high-risk behaviour
  • Number of speeding events
  • Fuel consumption
  • Average cost per claim
  • Insurance renewal premium
  • Vehicle maintenance requirements

MagTrack Case Study - C&W Transport

C&W Transport came to us looking for help solving an increasingly common problem. Whenever any of their vans were stolen, the in-built telematics system was unable to help them track their vehicle because thieves knew where to look and were immediately disabling the kit.

They therefore wanted a solution that was:

  • Wireless and easy to reposition, so they could make the device difficult to find
  • Easy to use on the go to allow them to track and locate their vehicles on the move
  • Reliable and low maintenance so they could ‘set it and forget it’