MagTrack Case Study - West Pennine Insurance

In order to increase customer satisfaction and retention rates, West Pennine Insurance Group came to us looking for a device they could offer their policyholders to help them protect their high value vehicles.

The solution needed to be:

  • Easy to install to avoid delays in setup and expensive installation costs
  • Discreet and difficult to locate to reduce the risk of the device being removed
  • Thatcham S7 certified to open the door to potential policy discounts
  • Linked to a Stolen Asset Recovery Network (S.A.R.N) to help their customers recover their vehicles

SmartLink Case Study - Flock Insurance

To be able to offer dynamic pricing which takes into account not just the number of miles driven but also the behaviour of a fleet’s drivers, Flock needed an easy way to access their policyholder’s telematics data.

The solution needed to be:

  • Quick to set up to avoid lost business due to delays in quoting
  • Simple to implement so as to not create barriers to potential customers signing up
  • Robust enough to allow them to carry out regular driver risk reviews with their policyholders

DRiiVE Intervention Trial

In order to measure the impact of our DRiiVE Intervention service on fleet performance, we ran a 4-month trial across 500 vehicles within a leading field engineering and managed services provider to the telecom and internet industry.

We set out to measure the change in:

  • Number of drivers displaying high-risk behaviour
  • Number of speeding events
  • Fuel consumption
  • Average cost per claim
  • Insurance renewal premium
  • Vehicle maintenance requirements