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The Theft

21st September 6:15pm

C&W’s new £30,000 Vauxhall Vivaro is stolen while in Putney, SW London.

The van’s hardwired incident camera & tracking system is ripped out by the thieves to stop C&W from tracking the vehicle (see picture).

Unknown to the thieves, the vehicle is also fitted with one of Matrix iQ’s covert MagTrack devices (battery powered, magnetic stolen asset tracking unit).

C&W contact Matrix to report the vehicle as stolen. Matrix place the MagTrack unit into “Theft Mode” which increases the unit’s location updates to every 60 seconds while the van is in motion / every 15 minutes while stationary.

The Recovery

  1. C&W set out to locate the van themselves, based upon the tracking information from the MagTrack device, which indicates the vehicle is stopped in a built-up area with rows of garages.
  2. The MagTrack device alerts that the vehicle is on the move again and the live tracking information is monitored as it stops at multiple locations, including a local bodyshop garage.
  3. With the assistance of Matrix iQ, C&W Transport successfully track, locate and quickly recover the stolen van, which, when intercepted, was found to have been fitted with false number plates.


  • The van was a bit banged up when we got it back but we were really pleased to be able to recover it. We weren’t sure whether we needed a back up tracking system when we added the MagTrack but it was a life saver because the thieves ripped our camera system out as soon as they got in the van! I would highly recommend anyone with a valuable vehicle adds this for peace of mind, it really worked when we needed it most!

    Robert Botezatu, Fleet Manager