West Pennine Insurance Group is a family run insurance broker that has been providing customers with personal service for almost 50 years. They help businesses find the best cover for their fleet by comparing the market and tailoring quotes to their customer’s specific requirements.

The Challenge

In order to increase customer satisfaction and retention rates, West Pennine Insurance Group came to us looking for a device they could offer their policyholders to help them protect their high value vehicles.

The solution needed to be:

  • Easy to install to avoid delays in setup and expensive installation costs
  • Discreet and difficult to locate to reduce the risk of the device being removed
  • Thatcham S7 certified to open the door to potential policy discounts
  • Linked to a Stolen Asset Recovery Network (S.A.R.N) to help their customers recover their vehicles

The Trial

Our magnetic MagTrack device was designed for exactly the above purpose but, before recommending it to their policyholders, West Pennine Insurance Group wanted to see it in action so we agreed to run a trial.

The setup:

  • Early in the morning, one of their vehicles was hidden inside a shipping container in an unknown location with one of our MagTrack devices attached
  • At 10:27am, Theft Mode was activated and the details of the vehicle were verified so a team could be deployed to secure the vehicle


West Pennine Insurance Group + MagTrack

< 25 mins

Asset recovery team deployed

< 1 hour

Team on site searching for the vehicle

73 mins

Vehicle located and owner informed

The Result

  • Less than 25 minutes after the vehicle was reported stolen, one of our Asset Recovery Teams was on the road in search of the vehicle
  • 57 minutes after the initial report, our team arrived on site at the location of the vehicle
  • The site was a vehicle recycler so the process of identifying the exact location of the vehicle then began
  • 73 minutes after the initial report, the vehicle was identified as being in a shipping container
  • The owner was informed and asked to come and collect the vehicle



  • The Matrix system is impressive for sure, the ability for a team to be sent to recover your vehicle is for me I feel a game changer. The demonstration certainly showed the system does exactly what it says it will. Very impressive.

    Tony Rollins, Chief Executive Officer