Discover SmartLink & Its Key Benefits For Leasing Companies and Fleet Management

The use of telematics in the fleet, rental and leasing sector is set to see enormous growth in the coming years – but then, that’s no surprise. 

In fact, telematics solutions are so widely used (and so varied) that many businesses are looking for ways to centralise and collate their data in one place, to improve visibility and leverage a competitive advantage.

SmartLink, the multi-award winning driver risk aggregation solution, is the cutting-edge tool from Matrix iQ, designed to help leasing businesses streamline their fleet operations by providing a standardised view of driver risk. 

By partnering with this innovation, leasing companies in particular have the opportunity to make more informed decisions about their customers’ fleets – and stay ahead of the competition – based on the data SmartLink can collect and centralise. 

In this blog, we’ll uncover some of the main benefits of SmartLink for leasing companies just like yours.

But first…

What is SmartLink?

In short, SmartLink is a future-proof solution designed to help businesses reduce fleet risk, improve running costs, improve market leadership and enhance the fleet and leasing customer experience, all by centralising your telematics information. 

The solution itself is made up of an application as well as a cloud-based platform, giving users on-demand visibility of data.

  • The SmartLink platform is where the innovation occurs. It’s a powerful data analysis and reporting tool that provides businesses with a valuable dashboard of insights about driver risk. 

Using predictive analytics, the platform can analyse and standardise data from up to 40+ Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) – which typically score driver behaviour according to their own criteria.

  • The app provides a user-friendly interface and multiple reporting functions for businesses to access and manage their tech-agnostic data feed on-the-go.

Why Leasing Companies Need SmartLink

With an understanding of what SmartLink is and how it works, let’s explore the business-transformative benefits in more detail.

The likelihood is, your leasing company is already leveraging data solutions in some way. SmartLink represents a refinement, enhancement and step forward in that journey.

Why Do You Need SmartLink?

By partnering with innovative telemetry systems, your company will see:

  • Increased performance, by connecting and building on data you already collect.
  • Improvements in revenue efficiency: streamlining opportunities and cost savings.
  • A significant competitive advantage by offering a superior service.
  • Expanded market leadership. Position your company at the forefront of the industry.


On a more granular level, SmartLink enables a number of previously-unprecedented innovations and transformations in your leasing operations. For instance, you’ll be able to:

  • Offer more standardised pricing for leased vehicles

By obtaining a more comprehensive understanding and assessment of the risks associated with fleets, you can provide lessees with a more valuable service. 

Access to centralised and dependable risk data allows you to automate your pricing strategies for added value, and offer your customers insight into the factors that influence the cost of their lease, thereby improving your service delivery on two fronts.

  • Score driver risk consistently and accurately

By utilising standardised telemetry data to monitor risks, you can ensure that each customer evaluation is streamlined, accurate, and based on a benchmarked view of risk. 

This approach can only enhance your reputation, as a data-driven and reliable leasing company, and it will eliminate the need to rely excessively on human judgement to determine pricing.

  • Get an immediate view of historic driver risk

SmartLink connects telematics data from numerous providers to provide you with an exact picture of risk, and can even retrieve historical risk data to enhance overall accuracy. Our software will provide you with nearly instantaneous access to this historical data, making decision-making more straightforward and reliable, and enabling more cost-effective strategies – irrespective of the number of telematics suppliers your fleet has.

  • Increase fleet customer loyalty

Insights into risk are not solely beneficial for your leasing business; they also benefit the clients who utilise your fleet(s). 

Put simply, fleet customers who are offered good value are much less inclined to switch providers; with SmartLink, your company can provide that additional value to your clients – whether through vehicle usage, maintenance, or service – in a top quality fleet experience.

Furthermore, this improvement in loyalty and retention has a knock-on effect on your brand image and fleet industry leadership, as customer-centric elements like positive word-of-mouth marketing are increased. In this way, you construct a cycle of positive business affirmation.

Running risk insight sessions on a quarterly basis or sharing significant benchmarks with your fleet customers can be outstanding methods of utilising the data that SmartLink can supply.

The SmartLink tool is, then, without doubt the most effective and efficient answer to staying ahead of the competition. 

With reliable data all managed from one centralised platform, you can provide a better experience for your fleet customers, reduce costs and risks, improve your performance levels, and build all of your decisions on a foundation of unified data. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SmartLink and how it can benefit your leasing business, contact us today on 0161 441 1001, or get a quote here.