How Vehicle and Plant Equipment Tracking Operates: Understanding the Mechanics


Ever wondered how vehicle and equipment tracking functions?

Tracking devices, such as the Matrix iQ MagTrack, are small and compact and resemble a small discreet plastic box, with MagTrack being no larger than a standard box of matches .

Typically, each tracker is discreetly installed inside a vehicle, whether it’s a car, van, or a substantial asset like construction or farming equipment. This installation is accomplished using a robust magnet or an adhesive pad, strategically positioning the tracker where it remains inconspicuous, making detection by potential thieves exceptionally challenging.

MagTrack trackers are equipped with essential components, including a 7800/6000mAh battery with low charge alerts, movement sensor that automatically wakes up when the device starts to move, and GPS location and speed information, which is also backed by cell ID location information,  giving you a secondary tracking option.

The installed MagTrack tracker continuously emits a signal containing its precise location, accessible through our dedicated app and plant tracking software. With 4 tracking options, you can remotely control the reporting frequency from the standard  of once daily or multiple times, based on your requirements and needs.

The tracker’s inconspicuous nature makes it difficult to locate, even when using GPS detectors. Coupled with automatic light  and motion alerts, this robust system significantly decreases the likelihood of your asset being removed without you being aware.

MagTrack’s tracking software complements this hardware with a user-friendly interface, providing valuable insights through a live dashboard in our app for tracking and recovery modes. This comprehensive tool empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly, leveraging real-time data.

With MagTrack, you gain the ability to assess the efficiency of your equipment, verify working hours and downtime, and ensure your capital is strategically invested in the right assets. The synergy of hardware and software not only enhances security but also facilitates efficient asset management for your business.

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