Matrix iQ Redefines Access to Telematics Data for Leasing Companies

Leasing companies and fleet managers are constantly looking for ways to optimise vehicle usage and drive efficiency, and, with the rise of technology and innovations, there has been a growing need to access data to manage fleets with increased safety, reliability, efficiency and cost savings. 

This is where Matrix iQ comes in. We provide tech-agnostic data connection solutions to leasing companies, enabling them to have the best access to data that is required to operate with maximum efficiency. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how we’re redefining access to telematics data for leasing companies and fleet managers by offering a range of solutions that enhance the way fleets are managed.

Ensure Greater Control with FleetCheck

The integration of FleetCheck, the leading fleet management software system with Matrix iQ solutions, allows a greater degree of control over the entire fleet. 

It enables users to access real-time data from each vehicle and optimise actual usage. It helps leasing companies to have all the information at their fingertips to make informed decisions. This is specifically useful when it comes to areas such as insurance claims, maintenance and repair expenses.

Tackle Issues Faster Through Extensive Partnerships

Matrix iQ has an extensive range of partnerships with expert suppliers in the automotive industry. This means that they can offer leasing companies and fleet managers a vast resource of combined knowledge and expertise. By bridging these supplier gaps, it helps to create a more comprehensive and strategic plan for effective fleet management. It helps to tackle problems such as accidental loss or theft of vehicles, and helps back-up operations during peak business periods.

Secure a Greener Future

The growing environmental concern requires leasing companies to be efficient when it comes to their carbon footprint. Matrix iQ can help make this happen with its Electric vehicle onboarding service.

Plus, by monitoring fuel usage and patterns, Matrix iQ identifies vehicles negatively impacting a business’s emissions, meaning they can be replaced sooner. 

Improve Training with The Driive Academy

One of the most significant benefits of partnering with Matrix iQ is that leasing companies can benefit from improved training with The Driive Academy eLearning service. 

This solution offers comprehensive online learning that has been specially curated for drivers, fleet managers, and back-office staff. It provides all the tools and knowledge required for efficient vehicle management, and with a dedicated instructor, it is incredibly effective in boosting staff knowledge and skill levels. Plus, it  significantly enhances both operational and cost efficiencies for leasing companies.

End-to-End Management

Matrix iQ doesn’t just provide access to telematics data. It offers a comprehensive, all-round solution to vehicle and driver management. 

With its robust tracking software, leasing companies have all the data they need to make informed decisions. They also have access to different solutions aimed at risk management and compliance protocols. This helps reduce risks, promote safer driving, improve driving behaviours, enhance communication, and streamline operations.

Partner With Matrix iQ for Long-term Success!

Matrix iQ has redefined access to telematics data for leasing companies and fleet managers. By partnering with them, companies not only receive the best data resources to work with, but they also benefit from innovative solutions that promote safer driving, reduce risks, and enhance cost efficiencies. 

All of the aforementioned services are aimed at improving overall business operations, which can therefore lead to significant long-term savings. So, if you are a leasing company or a fleet manager looking to optimise your vehicle fleet usage and productivity, then partnering with Matrix iQ may be the best solution for you. Get a free quote today, or contact our team on 0161 441 1001.