Matrix iQ: The Innovators Revolutionising Fleet Management

The fleet management industry has witnessed many chapters in its evolution – growing from the plucky US corporations operating vehicle fleets in the 1950s, to a projected market size of $55.10 billion by 2030
Precedence Research). 

A key driver of this incredible growth has been innovative technological solutions – systems that transformed what is possible, and gave rise to increased levels of accuracy and efficiency. 

Now, Matrix iQ signals a new revolution in the fleet management industry. 

Matrix iQ, leading provider of enterprise-level fleet management solutions, is on a mission to connect technology with intelligence. For 20+ years we’ve been dedicated to providing efficient and reliable solutions to organisations across the industry, from public sector fleets to private delivery vehicles. 

The secret to transformative fleet management lies in tech-agnostic data collection systems. Read on to discover more about Matrix iQ, our connected solutions, and how they can revolutionise the way your fleets are managed. 

Matrix iQ: Mission, Vision & Values

Matrix iQ enables fleet managers to optimise vehicle usage and drive efficiency, providing detailed insights into elements such as vehicle health, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and overall performance. 

With this data, fleet managers can:

  • Connect, track and monitor key assets in one centralised system
  • Optimise fleet efficiency, minimising risks and claim costs
  • Make improved underwriting decisions with driver risk scoring

Our track record of improving driver safety is extensive. With 20+ years of experience in the field, we offer driver eLearning and risk-intervention services, as well as supplying fleets with telematics and cameras to mitigate potential issues. 

This tech-agnostic functionality equips managers with the data needed to yield insights.

Moreover, our unified system helps reduce the industry’s environmental impact by optimising fuel consumption, and cutting down on the wear and tear caused to vehicles as a result of careless driving or collisions.

At the same time, Matrix iQ protects business assets via tracking and monitoring technology. Fleet managers can track vehicle health and location in real-time, and our customer-first approach means all the important data is viewable in one single, intuitive dashboard. 

What is Matrix iQ?

  • Committed to improving driver safety
  • Well-versed in protecting business vehicle assets
  • A key component of greener operations
  • Proud to offer 20+ years experience
  • A tech-agnostic solution provider
  • An answer to comprehensive road risk management

Our Services & Product Suite 

Matrix iQ revolutionises fleet management by harnessing the power of connected solutions. 

By connecting various systems, devices and sensors to a single platform, Matrix iQ enables organisations to gather data from every corner of their fleets and transform it into actionable insights. 

Our Services

  1. Tracking: Our tracking service provides real-time location data for vehicles, allowing fleet managers to track their assets and optimise routes. This advanced tracking includes vehicle speed, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and overall performance.
  2. Risk management: We offer risk management services to help fleet managers reduce liability and improve driver safety. Our system provides alerts for harsh braking, speeding, and other risky behaviour, allowing fleet managers to take corrective action before accidents occur.
  3. Consultancy: Our team of experts provides fleet consultancy services to help organisations develop and implement a fleet management strategy that meets their specific needs. We work with clients to assess their current operations and develop solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase overall fleet performance. 

Our Products

  1. Telematics: Automatically collect and send data to our telematics platform, including vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, and engine health. This enables fleet managers to monitor vehicle performance, track maintenance schedules, and optimise fuel usage.
  2. Cameras: A 360-degree camera systems provides peak visibility of the vehicle, allowing fleet managers to monitor driver behaviour and identify risky driving habits. The cameras also provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident or incident.
  3. Asset Trackers: MagTrack enables fleet managers to track even non-vehicle assets, such as trailers, containers, and equipment. This helps to prevent theft and loss, and enables fleet managers to optimise asset utilisation.

How Fleet Managers Can Take Advantage

For a fleet manager, the transformative benefits of this connectivity are numerous. 

You’ll have access to real-time data, allowing faster and better decision-making. With the ability to monitor vehicle health, track driver behaviour, and even detect unauthorised use of vehicles all from one dashboard, you’re perfectly positioned to turn data insight into a competitive difference-maker. 

And the customisation options available are equally impressive. 

Fleet managers have full control over their tools: they can set up custom alerts and access automated reports remotely, paving the way for company-wide improvements and boosted operational efficiency. 

Leverage Connected Solutions

Matrix iQ has created a truly connected ecosystem of intelligent tech solutions that transform the world of fleet management. By leveraging tech-agnostic data, we help manage fleets with increased safety, reliability, efficiency and cost savings. 

Driving this revolution in fleet management is a simple philosophy: the commitment to connect technology with intelligence and provide organisations with the tools they need to optimise their vehicle usage. 

The future of fleet management looks bright – and Matrix iQ is right at its forefront. 

To find out how Matrix IQ’s revolutionary solutions can transform your fleet management get a quote here, or contact our team on 0161 441 1001.