Press Release: Matrix iQ Partners with Road Safety Charity Brake

Matrix iQ is furthering its commitment to improve driver safety for businesses and employees alike by partnering with leading road safety charity, Brake.

 Continued development of telematics, technology and agnostic data solutions at Matrix iQ has led to exciting developments in road safety. Work that will be continued alongside Brake as they support people affected by serious injury and road death; providing them with legal and emotional support, as well as campaigning for policy change that strives towards safe mobility for all. 

 Phil Powell, Chief Revenue Officer at Matrix iQ, said: “As a company which focuses on driver and fleet safety, Brake is a cause we’re very proud to support. 

 “Brake continue to work tirelessly to campaign for safer roads and it’s our responsibility to use the data we have at our fingertips to help educate our customers and partners on how they can reduce their risk and ultimately save lives on the road.” 

Alison Moriarty, Managing Director of Matrix iQ’s DRiiVE Division, continued: “Supporting Brake is a must for me. We spend our time and effort trying to improve road safety but the work Brake do after an event is extremely important, so any support we can give to them is truly invaluable.” 

Cristina Tanner, Corporate Fundraising Manager at Brake, said “Supporting Brake reaffirms Matrix iQ’s commitment to road safety and we are delighted to have their support. Road crashes are devastating events for everyone involved, and we see this every day through the work of our National Road Victim Service, which supports almost 1,000 individuals and families who have been affected by road death and injury.  

“The work Matrix iQ is doing to develop telematics, technology and agnostic data solutions is very welcomed in the bid to make our roads safer for all.”