About the Risk iQ Academy

Regular training is an essential part of keeping your drivers safe on the road. DRiiVE Academy continually reinforces good habits with engaging eLearning courses every 90 days. This ensures that your drivers are better informed and less at-risk on the road, while also showing that you are invested in the safety of your employees.

Courses cover important topics such as driving in adverse weather, speeding, and the effects of alcohol and drugs, and are updated in line with new rules and regulations to ensure that your drivers are up to date.

Lower the risk of your fleet

Educate your drivers to make them safer and better informed while on the road.

Show that you're invested in your driver's safety

Show that you care about your drivers by helping them stay safe on the road.

Continually improve your driver's performance

Best practice is frequently reinforced, with courses every 90 days.