About the IncidentCam DMS

Smartphones, infotainment and dash mounted driver feedback systems can all divert a driver’s attention away from the road ahead. The task of driving in itself is monotonous and requires high levels of concentration, meaning drivers may end up driving while tired if appropriate breaks are not taken. IncidentCam DMS provides fleet operators with detailed insight into driver condition and in-cab activity, highlighting concerning behaviour before it presents as a serious or fatal collision.

A series of advanced sensors enable the reporting of driver tiredness and distraction, as well as identifying when a driver is drinking or smoking behind the wheel, not wearing a seatbelt or using a phone without handsfree. All this data is reported on the iQ Platform, with supporting imagery and video content where required.

In addition to fatigue and distraction detection, you will benefit from all the features of IncidentCam 4G including video on demand, automated video FNOL, live streaming and integrated telematics.

Distracted Driving Detection

With advanced sensors to monitor driver eye movement and directional focus, the DMS system will sense when a driver's eyes are not focussed on the road ahead. Any incidences of driver distraction will be reported on Matrix Dashboard as an alert with the option to include a short video clip or image of each event.

Driver Fatigue Detection

Often, the first indication of driver fatigue is a near miss or even worse, a collision. DMS will detect and alert you to driver fatigue before it becomes a danger to those behind the wheel. By monitoring eye movement and head angle, the DMS sensor will alert the driver with an audible alarm if their eyes are closed fro a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, all events are logged and reported through Matrix Dashboard with the option of supporting video and image evidence to assist in the management of driver wellbeing.

1 - 4 Channel Video

Connect up to 4 cameras in a combination that suits you best. With forward, internal, side and rear facing cameras available to choose from, you can cover all angles with IC4G.

Video FNOL

In the event of a crash, IncidentCam DMS will automatically email crash footage to you. Video from the immediate build up and aftermath of a collision puts you in the picture to start taking remedial action and mitigate claim costs.

Video on Demand

IncidentCam DMS supports remote video download to supplement crash footage or simply allow investigation into a vehicle incident. This avoids the painstaking wait for SD cards and hard drives to be recovered from the crash site and gives you all you need within minutes.

DVS Compliant Kits Available

Direct Vision Standard was introduced in 2019 to protect vulnerable road users and assist HGV drivers with full 360 degree visibility. Speak to us about how you can combine IncidentCam DMS with additional kit to make your fleet DVS compliant.

Integrated Telematics

For the first time, IncidentCam DMS combines telematics and video in one compact, behind dash device meaning there is no need for an externally linked telematics device.

Expandable Memory

If you are adding more cameras to your IncidentCam DMS or simply want to extend the amount of storage held on the camera, expanding the IncidentCam DMS memory is easy with a range of memory options.

Live Streaming

It is possible to stream live footage from IncidentCam DMS into the Matrix Dashboard. Suitable for high value goods transportation, loading and unloading or where an alarm has been raised, you can stream up to four cameras on IncidentCam DMS at any one time.

Audio Recording

An integrated microphone lets you listen to and record audio from inside the vehicle cab. Of course this feature is optional and can be remotely disabled but can provide crucial evidence and context to an event.

Suitable for all vehicle types

IncidentCam is compatible with 12v, 24v petrol and diesel vehicles as well as electric vehicles. We can supply Suzi connections and extension cabling to fit all vehicle configurations, shapes and sizes.