About the IncidentCam Flex

Your drivers deserve to be protected while on the job. IncidentCam Flex gives you this protection, capturing high-quality footage from a range of angles to ensure that, when you need to, you always know what has happened and why.

Camera footage can be accessed, on demand, from the online dashboard, where you can also see journey data and driver behaviour insights, due to Flex’s built-in telematics.

Automated crash notifications also ensure that you are kept up to date with your drivers’ welfare at all times.

SOS panic button

In an emergency, a driver can press the Flex's panic button to capture and upload footage of that moment.

View HD footage in 1080p

Footage from the Flex is recorded in high definition, so you never miss anything in the crucial moments.

Access live location of your vehicle

Flex's built-in telematics provide you with real-time GPS location data.

Get journey and driver behaviour data

Built-in telematics mean that the Flex can report on journey and driver behaviour data and deliver this information straight to the Matrix iQ dashboard.

Automated crash detection

The Flex will send instant crash notifications to any alarm response centre, whenever a driver is involved in a collision.

Store up to 50 hours of driving footage

With a 64GB capacity, the Flex helps ensure that you won't run out of memory when you need it most.

Easy DIY setup

The Flex is easy to set up yourself, saving you precious time and money on installation.


Instant Crash Notification

Settle Claims Quickly

Challenge Fraud

Driver Protection

Driver Improvement

Record for Longer

Brand Protection