About the LoneWorker ID Badge

For lone workers, safety is the top priority. The Lone Worker ID Badge ensures that monitoring your employees’ safety is a simple and stress-free experience.

The small, wearable device sends automated position updates and makes tedious phone calls to check in on employees a thing of the past, letting you and your staff focus on the job at hand.

If a worker is in danger, the panic button allows them to send an alert out, warning you of their situation. Once this alert is received, you can dial in to the user’s device and listen to their surroundings, to be proactive in protecting your workers.

Let your staff focus on the job

Constant, reliable position updates mean that you no longer need to constantly call your employees to check in, allowing them to focus on the job.

Keep employees safe at work

Fall alerts help your employees get help quickly, when they need it most.

Listen in to the user's surroundings

When a panic alert is activated, listen in to the user's surroundings to find out the nature of their situation.

Comfortable and discreet when worn

The LoneWorker ID Badge is designed to be worn around the neck and its small size means that it doesn't get in your way.


Frequent position updates

Fall and non-response alerts

Improves safety of employees