About the OBD Pro

Fleet Managers need to know where their vehicles are at all times and, with OBD Pro, this couldn’t be easier, for both manager and driver. The unit simply plugs into the OBD port, meaning that a driver can fit it in seconds.

The OBD unit will begin transmitting data within one minute, which can be viewed via the online dashboard. The device provides GPS insights, as well as engine data, such as fuel usage, fuel level and diagnostic codes. This data allows Fleet Managers to complete asset maintenance proactively, instead of waiting for vehicles to break down.

In the event of a collision, the OBD will send out an immediate notification, allowing you to begin your FNOL process instantly.

Get up-to-date information on your vehicles

Know your vehicles' status at all times, with location and fuel usage insights available on the online dashboard.

No installation costs

The OBD Pro simply plugs into a vehicle's OBD port. No engineer appointments required!

No distraction to drivers

The OBD Pro is discreet, designed not interfere with a driver's journey.

Know instantly when a driver has been in a collision

Instant crash notifications will keep you informed of collisions.

Get notified when a device is disconnected

Power loss alerts will notify you immediately, if a device is disconnected.

Reduce maintenance costs

Engine data allows Fleet Managers to be proactive in their maintenance and avoid major repairs.


Bluetooth receiver

Simply plug in and go

Instant crash notification

Insights available on dashboard