About the Tab

If you run company cars or grey fleet vehicles, it’s essential that you know where they are so you can keep your employees safe and accurately report vehicle mileage. Tab was designed to make this simple, with 60-second journey updates, delivered straight to the online dashboard. This allows you to see where your company vehicles are and to quickly and easily verify mileage claims.

Tab simply plugs in to the 12v power outlet and begins delivering journey data inside a minute. When in business mode, Tab will flash blue, indicating that data is being transmitted. When the Tab flashes green, it is in private mode, ensuring that personal journeys stay personal, by stopping data transmissions.

Automate business mileage reporting

See mileage reports on the online dashboard.

Protect personal journeys

With Tab's private mode, personal journey data won't be transmitted, ensuring that private journeys stay that way.

Keep track of company vehicles

Tab's GPS tracker allows you to see where your company cars are during the work day.


Simply plug in and go

Automated mileage reporting

Private mode

Instant crash notification

Insights available on dashboard