To reduce the risk in your book of business, it’s essential to be able to benchmark your policyholder risk. But, claims data alone is rarely enough and telematics data can be a huge challenge to collate and compare.

SmartView is your new mission control, ingesting data from over 50 telematics and claims providers to give you a clear view of the impact your policyholders are having on your bottom line.

Compare policyholder risk

To accurately measure the impact driver behaviour has on fleet performance, you need a consistent set of inputs. SmartView is powered by our unique telematics data aggregation tool, SmartLink, which processes and standardises driver behaviour data from your policyholder’s existing telematics hardware, regardless of the number of different telematics providers they have.

This is then applied against your policyholder’s performance data to illustrate the impact the behaviour of their drivers is having on everything from claims costs to fleet emissions.

View the impact of poor driving on claims

Speeding, harsh braking and quick acceleration all impact a driver’s likelihood of being involved in a collision. Alongside a complete summary of total claims costs (with a breakdown of claim type), SmartView offers you a comprehensive overview, at policyholder level, of how the behaviour of your fleets on cover is impacting claims costs.

Automate Scope 3 fleet emissions reporting

PCAF guidance suggests emissions from fleets on cover should be reported as a supplementary accounting note within your scope 3 category 15 (Investments). SmartView gives you an automatic baseline of emissions based on your current book, as well as the perfect tool to measure the impact of your efforts to reduce these figures.


  • No more spreadsheets and manual analysis
  • Easy to demonstrate ROI
  • 100% agnostic, single source of truth
  • Measure the impact of risk management efforts