Safeguarding Plant Equipment with Precision using Asset Tracking for Enhanced Security.


Whether your plant equipment is on the move or stationed at a site, its value is undeniable, and the repercussions of theft are something no business can afford or sustain on a long-term basis. Even with the fall back of comprehensive insurance coverage, the operational setbacks resulting from the theft of critical equipment can be significant, with long term negative effects on your project timescales and operation efficiencies.

To fortify your defences and mitigate such risks, we offer MagTrack, a specialised GPS tracker designed explicitly for plant equipment. When integrated into our telematics solutions, this GPS plant tracking system provides your business with a robust layer of protection and a multitude of advantages.

Key Data Points to Consider

Recovery Rates Without Plant Tracking:

Did you know that the chances of recovering stolen plant equipment are as low as 5% without a proper tracking system? In the UK, the highest recovery rate for any type of stolen vehicle stands at a mere 10%. These statistics underscore the vulnerability of vehicles and plant equipment to theft.

Transformation with MagTrack GPS Tracking:

The dynamics change significantly when you employ MagTrack for plant equipment. It is certain that stolen vehicle recovery services equipped with GPS tracking boast considerably higher recovery rates. The precision and real-time monitoring offered by MagTrack technology enhance the chances of not only being able to locate, but also recover your stolen equipment.

Operational Impact:

Beyond the financial aspects, the operational losses resulting from stolen plant equipment can be severe. Delays in projects, increased downtime, and the need for replacement equipment can disrupt workflow and hinder overall business efficiency.

Telematics Solutions for Comprehensive Security:

Our MagTrack plant tracking system is an integral part of our telematics solutions. Telematics not only provide real-time location data but also offer insights into equipment usage, maintenance needs, and performance metrics. This comprehensive approach enhances security while optimizing operational efficiency.

Insurance Considerations:

Implementing MagTrack tracking for plant equipment may not only act as a deterrent to theft but could also lead to potential reductions in insurance premiums. Many insurance providers offer favourable terms to businesses that proactively invest in advanced tracking and security measures for their valuable assets.


In conclusion, protecting your plant equipment goes beyond traditional security measures. Embracing a GPS tracking system, especially as part of a comprehensive telematics solution, not only improves recovery prospects but also contributes to a more resilient and efficient business operation.

Consider the data, assess the risks, and empower your business with our advanced MagTrack technology to safeguard your valuable assets.

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