Three Types of Telematics Schemes You Can Set Up with SmartLink Today

The fact is, not all insurers and brokers have the capability or desire to offer usage-based insurance. However, that doesn’t mean that telematics-based schemes can’t be used to attract new audiences and reduce exposure to risk.

Keep reading for three types of schemes you can set up relatively quickly. Then, check out our SmartLink page to find out how aggregated telematics data can make the process even easier.


If your organisation is looking to gain a competitive advantage by reducing its risk-exposure, or offering added value to clients, a rebate-led scheme might be the answer you’re looking for.

You don’t need telematics data to know that safer driving results in less collisions and therefore lower claims costs.

So how do you incentivise improved, more conscientious and careful driver behaviour? By offering rebates for risk-averse, diligent driver behaviour.  

In turn, this enables you to expand your total available market by attracting new fleets looking to reduce costs by improving fleet performance. Moreover, you’ll be positioned to leverage improvements in loss ratio, due to a decrease in claims frequency.


Chances are, the vast majority (if not all) of your fleets already have some form of telematics installed and gathering data.

Using proprietary technology, SmartLink is capable of pulling telematics data from 30+ TSPs and OEMs, meaning you can ingest all your fleet’s telematics data and push it to one centralised location, with no need to mandate new kit.

Any fleet that has a gap, can fill that gap with their preferred telematics system and sync their data via SmartLink. 

This data can then be used as part of proactive risk conversations with policyholders to highlight opportunities to address problematic behaviours, as well as to build value with your customers via added value touchpoints.

With the lowest barrier to set up, risk-focussed schemes can also be used to make intelligent and more-informed decisions about underwriting new business, thereby reducing the bottom-line exposure to risk.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing schemes are more nuanced and complex to set up as they require the creation of complex pricing algorithms which can process large amounts of data. However, the benefits are similar to those offered by risk-focussed schemes.

Whether policies are usage or behaviour-based, by offering variable pricing dependent on vehicle usage (such as number of miles driven) and driver risk events, you’re able to incentivise improved performance and consequently reduce risk exposure.

Enable your Telematics-Based Schemes with SmartLink

SmartLink offers insurers a sophisticated and streamlined solution to view risk across all vehicles on cover – regardless of telematics provider. In this way, it is a single source of telemetry truth; enabling unparalleled risk visibility and empowering flexibility in terms of the schemes you can offer. 

But flexible schemes aren’t the only business advantage of rolling out SmartLink: you’ll also open the door to a potential 4x increase in lifetime value by operating risk insights, and see an up to 54% reduction in average cost per claim.

Find out more about how you can set up tech agnostic telematics schemes by contacting us today. You can reach our team on 0161 441 1001, or book a demo here.