Using MagTrack in Construction: How it Can Support Risk Management

Owners of construction assets can face significant risk when machinery is left unattended on site. Without sufficient stolen asset tracking, things can easily be taken, never to be seen again. This can leave owners facing hefty costs, not to mention a delay in finishing their projects.

In this quick guide, we’ll cover how our smart MagTrack device can support your risk management and give you peace of mind even when leaving your assets unattended overnight. 

What is MagTrack?

Matrix iQ developed the MagTrack product to offer owners of construction machinery and related assets a cost-effective, simple solution to stolen asset recovery. MagTrack is a small device that can be placed anywhere in your asset, with the ability to track and monitor its whereabouts 24/7. 

With MagTrack, users can download our mobile app or use the web portal to set the different tracking modes wherever they are. Users have the option of three standard modes: standby, transport and monitor, plus a theft mode for if an asset is taken. Each mode provides updates at different intervals and alerts to different events depending on the need, such as motion.

When an asset is stolen, this can be reported via the application or portal and Matrix iQ’s optional taken service can be sent to secure your machinery, if required. Users can also choose to recover their assets themselves.

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Why is MagTrack valuable for construction sites?

If diggers and other construction assets are often left unattended on your site, MagTrack can give you the peace of mind you deserve. The design of the product makes it difficult for thieves to find and remove, which is not the case with traditional or built-in trackers, which are often easily located and disabled. Some vehicles may spend several days unattended on site, so it’s important to ensure there is limited risk so that your team can keep to project deadlines. 

Yet another benefit is the speed at which you can respond to vehicle theft. If you find that specific types of machinery have been stolen overnight, you will likely face difficulty sourcing new assets and finishing the job fast. The MagTrack product however, allows you to respond as soon as possible, making locating the vehicle far simpler. If you choose to use our optional Stolen Asset Recovery Service, we can usually secure your asset within an hour. 

Key features

Below we list some of the key features of the MagTrack product. 

  • Super simple set up: Place the device anywhere. MagTrack has a slim design, is magnetic and doesn’t require any wires. 
  • Manage remotely: Use the mobile app or web portal to track your assets from wherever you are. 
  • Smart alerts: A Thatcham S7 certified tracking system, the MagTrack will alert you whenever your vehicle is in unexpected motion. 
  • Long lifespan: The device battery can last up to 5 years, making this stolen asset tracker a reliable, long-term and cost-effective solution. The MagTrack is also rechargeable. 
  • IP65 Waterproof: No risk of water damage even when placed outside the vehicle. 

Support your risk management with MagTrack and keep your construction sites running smoothly. Our free trial allows you to test the product for 4 full weeks before deciding to continue using it. You can also talk to us about trialing our recovery service. Get in touch now via the form to find out more!