8 Key benefits of using Plant and Asset Tracking Equipment

The MagTrack Advantage: 

 MagTrack embodies a practical and cost-effective approach to securing your valuable assets. It provides assurance that your high-value investments are safeguarded and retrievable in the event of theft. Its adaptable magnetic mounting system, combined with a once-daily standard reporting frequency, ensures exceptional stealth, even to GPS detectors. The added layers of automatic tamper and motion alerts fortify security, substantially reducing the risk of unauthorised asset removal. 

MagTrack offers owners of construction machinery and related assets a cost-effective, straightforward solution to stolen asset recovery. This compact device, capable of 24/7 tracking and monitoring, can be easily placed anywhere within your asset. 

In this article, we are exploring why MagTrack can be beneficial for your business, here are the 8 key benefits: 

Asset Visibility and Location Tracking: 

Real-time tracking enables your businesses to monitor the location of your equipment at any given time. This is especially crucial for large construction sites, mining, excavation or landfill operations, or other industries where equipment is spread across vast areas. 

Improved Asset Utilisation: 

By knowing the exact location and status of each piece of equipment, your company can optimize their day to day usage. This leads to better allocation of resources and prevents unnecessary downtime or delays in projects. 

Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Use: 

Tracking devices act as a deterrent to theft, and in the event that a piece of equipment is stolen, it can be located quickly. Additionally, unauthorized use can be quickly and easily detected and prevented, ensuring that only trained and authorised personnel are operating your machinery. 

Maintenance Planning and Performance Monitoring: 

Tracking devices provide data on the usage of your equipment, allowing for better maintenance planning. This proactive approach can extend the lifespan of the equipment, reduce downtime, and prevent costly repairs by addressing issues before they become major problems. 

Cost Reduction: 

By optimising equipment usage, reducing theft, and minimising downtime through proactive maintenance, will lead to your business significantly cutting operational costs. This leads to improved profitability and a more efficient use of resources. 

Compliance and Safety: 

Tracking devices can help ensure that equipment is being used in compliance with health and safety regulations. This is especially important in industries where adherence to safety standards is critical to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Data-driven Decision Making: 

The data collected by tracking devices such as MagTrack can be analysed to make informed decisions about your equipment usage, replacement, or upgrades. This data-driven approach can lead to helping to support your building robust business strategies and improved overall efficiency. Knowing the location and status of equipment in real time facilitates better project management. Helping you in coordinating tasks, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring that the right equipment is available when needed. 

Insurance Premium Reduction: 

Some insurance providers offer reduced premiums for companies that implement tracking devices on their equipment. The reduced risk of theft and the ability to monitor usage can make companies more attractive to insurers. 


Support your risk management with MagTrack and keep your construction sites running smoothly. 

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