AI-powered route optimisation which shows you ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and decarbonise with ease.

Our easy-to-use platform is driven by a powerful AI engine which analyses your fleet so you can create routes and schedules which maximise vehicle efficiency and minimise mileage driven.

It also gives you crucial data insights into your fleet electrification, so you can plan your EV transition with confidence using the data from your specific fleet operation.

Route iQ explained

Streamlined planning – cut down route planning time by 88%

Route iQ is designed to be quick and simple to use, which makes it a vital tool for fleet operators to reduce their planning time. In order to create the most optimal route and schedule for your fleet each day, all you have to do is bulk upload your assets and jobs, and watch Route iQ output the best schedule for your fleet.

Route iQ can calculate all of the parameters you give it, so the final routes will be the most efficient for your fleet and your customers. That’s what makes Route iQ the ultimate tool for fleet operators – it reduces all the planning time, without sacrificing any of the detail, in order to produce the most optimal and efficient fleet set-up possible.

Reduced mileage – find efficiencies you didn’t know were there

Route optimisation is all about making vehicle routes as efficient as possible, and Route iQ does this better than any other route optimiser on the market.

The planning algorithm has been shown to cut down vehicle mileage by up to 20%, simply because its computing power can find efficiencies in routes that are less obvious or unlikely for planners to be aware of. That means vehicles can achieve the same amount of productivity in a day, but driving less miles to do so. Directly leading to lower fuel costs, less maintenance, and reducing carbon emissions, all without reducing any of the output of your fleet.

Road to decarbonisation

Reduce your fleets CO2 emissions

Transition to EV

Embark on a journey to an electrified future

Reduce your costs

Experience total cost reductions of up to 30% for instant ROI.

Maximised productivity – increase the output of your existing fleet

A major goal of any business is to gain productivity, Route iQ does this by maximising the value of each vehicle, so you get more out of the assets at your disposal.

Route iQ can optimise schedules, routes, and vehicles so you’re maintaining the same level of output in less time and potentially utilising fewer vehicles. With additional time and resource, more customers can be serviced with an increased levels of stops per day, without having to invest additional overheads, thus increasing revenue.

Simply by maximising the productivity of the existing fleet, and re-allocating freed up resources, Route iQ can ensure that your fleet is running at the maximum productivity possible to achieve the best results.

Cost savings – reduce fuel costs, maintenance and procurement

Route iQ ensures fleets cut down on costs in multiple ways. Fuel costs are often at the top of the list for ongoing concerns for fleet operators, Route iQ alleviates this by optimising fleet’s routes and schedules, cutting down the mileage they need to travel, means fuel costs per vehicle also go down proportionally.

Efficient driving also means the vehicles themselves also last longer, so maintenance costs are reduced, less parts are required, and fleets run longer between service cycles. Lower milage also reduces the risk of accidents, meaning less incidents to deal with and lower insurance premiums.

All of this leads to an instantly increased ROI by using Route iQ to reduce your fleet costs, without productivity, leading to a profitable and easy to run fleet operation.

Sustainable practices – decarbonise your fleet

Route iQ is the easiest way to decarbonise your fleet, while saving money and hitting sustainability targets through optimising fleet routes and schedules to ensure that your vehicles are travelling the shortest distance possible. Shorter routes equal lower CO2 emissions, going a long way towards hitting company-wide net zero goals.

Route iQ can also reduce the number of vehicles you run by up to a third, leading to a substantial reduction in your yearly carbon emissions. Cutting down on idle time and empty miles also means that your fleet isn’t producing carbon emissions without maximising productivity.

Increasing the sustainability of your fleet, by integrating hybrid and electric vehicles will further ensure you’re running the most sustainable and climate-friendly fleet operation possible.

Enhanced safety - operate at the safest possible level

Route iQ goes a long way to ensure your fleet is operating on the safest possible level. Optimising your routes and schedules to reduce the milage of your vehicles, with less driving contributing directly to fewer incidents on the road.

Not only that, but efficient route planning means drivers complete their hours on the road in a short timescale, meaning they’re spending fewer hours driving tired, risking an incidents between jobs.

Route iQ also means that all routes are planned with speed limits taken into account, further contributing to an overall safer driving experience.

Maintain compliance - maximise productivity in an ethical way

Compliance is a key consideration for all fleet planners and managers, alongside the ever-increasing pressure of improving fleet profitability, compliance can be difficult to maintain.

Route iQ optimises routes and schedules with the specific weight and cubed capacities of vehicles in mind, avoiding the issue of overloading whilst maintaining productivity.

By organising schedules so that all driver jobs can be done with in the confines of shift hours, on time and reducing potential driver tiredness. Routes are also calculated by building in mandated break times to ensure your drivers are always driving in a safe and compliant way.

Easy vehicle procurement

Even though procurement sits outside of the day-to-day planning of fleet schedules, Route iQ can help ease the constant challenges of procurement for fleet managers. Optimising your fleet to the point you’re able to achieve the same output on the road with less vehicles.

We can also use Route iQ to model different vehicle types onto your existing fleet operation, to show you how different vehicles would perform in your fleet, also making EV Transition much easier, showing you how many EV’s you’d need, and what the cost of acquisition and ROI from electrification would be.

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