How does the trial work?

  1. Let us know where to send your device.
  2. Jump on a quick call with us so we can get you set up and take you through some brief training.
  3. Once the device arrives, hide it anywhere on your asset.
  4. Give it a go! Test the Standby, Transport and Monitor modes.
  5. At the end of your 4-week trial, simply post the unit back to us or, if you want to start recommending MagTrack to your clients, let us know!


Interested in trialling our recovery service?

  • Talk to us about running a free trial recovery of Matrix iQ’s PAYG Stolen Asset Recovery Service.
  • Leave your asset anywhere in the country and report it ‘stolen’ using the MagTrack app.
  • Confirm the details of your missing asset and we will secure the it within an average of 1 hour.
  • Check out our case study here to see how it works: MagTrack Recovery Case Study.

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