Wireless, Battery-Powered Tracking

Despite ever-increasing levels of OEM and aftermarket theft prevention devices, vehicle and machinery theft continues to be a major problem with extremely low recovery rates.

In many cases, this is because thieves know exactly where to look to disable wired tracking systems.

Your clients can now protect and recover their high value assets with the self-installed, Thatcham-accredited MagTrack unit. Wireless and battery-powered, it can be placed anywhere within or on a vehicle or asset making it extremely difficult to locate when hidden discreetly.

The device provides four position updates a day while sitting stationary, however, when moving, these updates will occur every 10 minutes. If the vehicle moves outside of a designated range, an alert will be generated that will then be directed to yourselves / your client, the Matrix iQ Recovery Team or any appointed alarm response centre.

An optional finder service is also available on a pay-per-use basis. A finder will locate and secure your client’s asset, anywhere in the UK, with a target response time of one hour.

The Next Generation of Asset Tracking for your Client's Assets

Location, Location, Location

Location and reporting profiles are self-controlled from the Matrix iQ web portal or your client’s dedicated iOS / Android app, allowing them to not only have 24 hour access to their asset’s location, but also receive live alerts of any and all movements. This allows them to change the profile from the default Monitoring Mode to Theft Mode, therefore increasing the reporting frequency to every minute to better aid location and recovery.

Should any of their assets be stolen and concealed, either undercover or inside a container with little-to-no GPS signal, MagTrack+ is fully equipped with our advanced embedded detection and location technology which can accurately and efficiently track their asset even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Matrix iQ Finders Service

Location and recovery can be self-controlled and actioned if your clients wish to recover their assets themselves, or they can take advantage of Matrix iQ’s Finders Service to make the recovery process even easier. Charged on a pay-as-you-use basis, our Finders Service aims to locate and secure assets in just one hour, so your client can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that their valuable assets are accounted for and retrievable. The Finder Service can be triggered from the app 24/7, 7 days a week, so your client can rest easy knowing their vehicles and machinery can be tracked down day or night.