Car sales departments can protect and recover vehicles with the self-installed, Thatcham-accredited, MagTrack unit. The MagTrack is battery-powered and can last up to 5 years, depending on mode selection.

The device provides four position updates a day, while sitting stationary. However, when moving, such as when a vehicle is on a test drive, these updates occur every 10 minutes. If the vehicle moves outside of a designated range, an alert will be generated and can be directed to sales staff or any appointed alarm response centre.

An optional finder service is available on a pay-per-use basis. A finder will locate and secure the vehicle, anywhere in the UK, with a target response time of one hour.



The Lone Worker ID Badge has GPS and voice functionality to better protect your staff, while on the job.

The small, wearable device sends automated position updates, taking away the stress of having to check in on your workers. Should the user find themselves in a vulnerable situation, they can activate a panic alert, by pressing a small, indented button on the device.

When a panic alert is received, you have the option to dial in to the user’s device and listen to their surroundings, to find out the nature of their situation and get them to safety.

Courtesy Cars

A common problem, when providing customers with courtesy cars, is knowing where the vehicles are, if they haven’t been returned.

The Nano and OBD products (Pro and Lite) solve this problem, by offering reliable GPS tracking, ensuring you always know where your vehicles are. With the Nano and the OBD Pro, you can also see insights, such as the fuel level, so you know the status of the vehicle before it’s returned.


All of these units are controlled via a single, simple-to-use web portal, with multiple level hierarchy log-ins. This allows individual branches and departments to view only the assets under their control, while giving senior management higher-level access.

Through this dashboard, you can also download usage reports from each of the devices mentioned above.

The Matrix iQ platform is already integrated with several Gold Star Rated NSI Alarm Response Centres, should you not already have one appointed.