iQ Tracking Platform & Apps

View data from your connected vehicles, existing telematics provider and Matrix technology, all in one place. Easy access to the intelligence you need to improve the safety of your employeesreduce your environmental impact and protect your business assets.

SmartLink Driver Risk Scoring

Tech agnostic driver risk scoring solution that allows you to pull telematics data from your current and potential policyholder’s existing kit to get a standardised view of driver risk, inform your pricing decisions and measure the impact of your risk management strategies.

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) Reporting

Automated alerts in the event of a road traffic collision to help you manage the wellbeing of your drivers and reduce post collision costs.

Stolen Asset Recovery

Track and monitor your business assets to discourage theft and improve recovery rates. Plus, access Matrix iQ’s Stolen Asset Recovery Network (S.A.R.N) to secure your stolen property within an average of 60 minutes from theft notification.

Driver Tracking

Track your drivers with wireless, keypad and app based ID solutions that enable you to assess and optimise individual driver performance when running a fleet of vehicles with shared access among a pool of drivers.

Vehicle Temperature Monitoring

Monitor your refrigerated compartments via wired or Bluetooth sensors and receive automated alerts when the ambient temperature moves outside your pre-defined acceptable temperature range.

Business & Private Mileage Reporting

Accurately track the business and private mileage of your company and grey fleet vehicles to automate expense reporting and prevent inaccurate claims.

Lone Worker Monitoring

Protect your employees while they are working in isolation. Track their location and set up automated emergency protocols using Matrix iQ’s LoneWorker solution.