Reduce your fleet logistics by up to 30% with AI-powered route optimisation

Basic route planners only calculate the most efficient route for a pre-loaded vehicle. Route iQ creates the most efficient loads and routes for your entire fleet.

Simply import your resources (such as drivers, depots and vehicles), add your jobs, and Route iQ does the rest!


  • Reduce planning time with AI-generated job allocation
  • Decrease total mileage by up to 20% via optimised loads and routes
  • Improve productivity by completing more jobs per vehicle, per shift
  • Lower costs by up to 30% by eliminating wasted fuel and inefficient journeys
  • Reduce emissions via decreased mileage to help meet sustainability goals
  • Decrease incidents by lowering the distance and time drivers spend on the road

Optimise then decarbonise

Through our innovative blend of consultancy and route optimisation, we can help you develop and implement a robust, evidence-based decarbonisation strategy.

1. Benchmark existing journeys and duty cycles

Capturing distance travelled, shift patterns, costs and emissions, to establish a clear baseline to measure improvements by.

2. Re-sequence the order of jobs and tasks

To reduce distance travelled and accelerate the opportunity to incorporate electric and other low emission vehicles. 

3. Fully optimise the duty cycles

To not only reduce distance, time, costs and emissions, but increase productivity and vehicle utilisation, providing savings up to 30%. 

4. Overlay proposed electric or other vehicle types

And show where these vehicles can be deployed effectively to maximise ROI.

5. Analyse the infrastructure

Mapping out where this should ideally be located and how existing and/or proposed vehicles should interact, to optimise charging cycles and range. 

6. Purchase the vehicles and infrastructure

Confident in the knowledge the process has been fully optimised.