Connecting technology
with intelligence

The tools and insight you need to improve the safety of your employees, reduce your environmental impact and protect your business assets.

Connected Solutions


Connect, track and monitor all of your key assets in one place.

  • Connect your fleet, assets and drivers
  • Combine data from your existing kit via SmartLink
  • Monitor everything with our tech agnostic iQ Platform

Risk Management

Improve your fleet’s efficiency, reduce driver risk and minimise claim costs.

  • Reduce driver risk with human-led intervention
  • Improve safety via compliance checks and eLearning
  • Protect against claims with distraction and fatigue monitoring


Identify areas of risk and devise improvement plans via board-level consultancy.

  • Improve fleet risk with robust audits and collision reduction programmes
  • Create strategic electric vehicle rollout plans with EV suitability consultations
  • Implement compliant grey fleet policies via management consultations


Drive efficiencies and manage risk with journey tracking and driver analytics.

  • Choice of easy self-fit & professionally fitted devices
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs by utilising driver analytics
  • Effectively manage compliance and reporting with vehicle and user tracking


Connected cameras to protect you and your drivers.

  • Monitor driver behaviour to reduce high risk driving
  • Improve claims efficiency with video evidence
  • Protect your drivers and business with distraction and fatigue monitoring

Anti-theft Devices

Track and monitor your business assets to discourage theft and improve recovery rates.

  • Improve recovery rates with Thatcham S7 certified tracking options
  • Reduce risk of device tampering with motion and tamper notifications
  • Respond quickly with 24/7 tracking and alerts

Why Matrix

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Passionate about improving driver safety
  • Dedicated to helping businesses reduce their environmental impact
  • Committed to protecting business' assets
  • Tech agnostic solutions
  • Wide range of Telematics & IoT devices
  • Complete occupational road risk management


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