Managed access for controlled equipment

When working with specialist machinery, it is essential that only your employees who have the correct permissions are able to operate it. Access Control makes it easy for you to track who has used what equipment and when using keypad and card reader based ID solutions.

Keep your employees and equipment safe

  • Remotely control access to vehicles or plant equipment
  • Know the location of your assets with GPS tracking
  • Keep track of who has used controlled equipment
  • Avoid the need for manual authorisation
  • Fulfil your duty of care to your employees

Choose how you want to control access

Access Control comes either as a keypad, requiring a code, or as an RFID card that needs to be input before access is allowed.

Both versions have built-in telematics so you always know where your assets are and who is using them. Location and use history can be viewed on the iQ Platform.

No more manual authorisation

Access Control allows you to be in control, no matter where you are. With the ability to manage access remotely, you no longer have to keep a watchful eye on who is using controlled equipment, and you can leave work safe in the knowledge that those who need access have it.

Care for your workers the smart way

You have a duty of care for your employees and, when working with heavy machinery, this is even more applicable. Using Access Control, you can avoid hazardous situations and keep your employees safe by only granting access to those who are properly qualified.