Step into the future with Route iQ’s EV transition — navigate to net zero, optimise fleets and procure with confidence.

Embark on the journey to an electrified future with Route iQ’s EV Transition. Whether driven by government mandates, sustainability goals, or cost efficiency, we guide you through an effortless process, optimising your fleet for success. 

With Route iQ, fine-tune your fleet for a sustainable and efficient future. Develop a tailored EV strategy by overlaying your fleet with EVs, exploring scenarios, and ensuring a seamless transition aligned with your business objectives. 


The Transition to EV Explained

Road to Decarbonisation

Reduce your fleets CO2 emissions

Reduce your costs

Experience total cost reductions of up to 30% for instant ROI.

Your roadmap to achieving EV transition

What preparation do I need to transition to EV?

There are multiple main reasons and benefits to make the transition, from reduced running costs (much lower fuel price and cost per mile) to less maintenance and reduced carbon emissions.

With the UK Government currently saying that all new vehicles sold will be EV by deadline of 2035, eventually everyone will need to EV transitioning at some point soon. Meeting your company wide ESG and sustainability targets will be greatly improved in the long term through EV usage and plays a vital part to help reach your company Net Zero targets.


Let Route iQ assess your current fleet operation.

We plug your current fleet operation into Route iQ, so it can recommend optimisations/efficiencies even before we look at electrifying your fleet. This helps us to understand the fine details of your fleet operations so we can recommend a bespoke EV transition strategy that works specifically for you – not just number of vehicles and number of stops, but also

  • mileage
  • time windows your vehicles make stops in
  • specific customer needs
  • driver requirements/constraints
  • all the small details of your fleet operation that would need to be considered when electrifying the fleet

We make sure your current fleet operation is as optimised as you need it to be, knowing your starting baseline means we can give you the full picture on what improvements EV transitions would specifically give, and what your ROI could potentially be.


Visualise what electrifying your fleet would look like.

We overlay your fleet operation with EVs to show you how many EVs would be needed to replace your current fleet operation. If you don’t know exactly what EV make/model you want yet, we can show you different scenarios based on different types of EV’s on the market.

Take charging infrastructure into account we can tell you how your fleet operation would perform and how you can cost effectively charge at home, at the depot, or on a public charging network.

This shows you the future on exactly how a EVs would operate and perform for your fleet, and what the ROI of electrification would be.



Procure your EVs with confidence

Now you have confidence and certainty in purchasing EV’s because we’ve removed the guesswork on

  • What EV’s you should buy
  • How many you should buy
  • How your fleet operations will look using EVs
  • How you will charge your EV’s up


We can either model the EV transition as an all-in-one-go electrification (ie you do every vehicle in one go) or we model how you could transition in a piece-meal way (do a few vehicles at a time) to match up with your vehicle replacement cycles



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