Given the distinctiveness of every fleet, the influence of Route iQ varies across fleet operations, considering factors such as fleet size, vehicle type, geographical coverage. We can assist you in assessing the advantages of route optimisation tailored to your specific fleet, with our offer of a no-cost proof-of-concept trial using your fleet’s data.

We can illustrate the Return on Investment (ROI) of Route iQ tailored to your needs and provide a visual representation of the routes and schedules it would generate for your team.



By supplying a sample of your data that represents a typical week in the life of your fleet, including details about the vehicles used and their respective stops, our dedicated team will then process this data through the software, yielding a comprehensive report comparing Route iQ’s outcomes with the benchmark of your fleet’s actual week.

This comparison will showcase the potential time, cost, and environmental savings specific to your fleet. Additionally, we can customise the trial to demonstrate various scenarios, revealing how Route iQ would adapt to different constraints, such as shifts or customer requirements. Upon receiving the sample data, we can promptly deliver the proof-of-concept trial results within a matter of days.



We present the generated routes and potential savings, allowing you to observe the practical outcomes and understand how the savings would accumulate over weeks, months, and years. This process provides you with a tangible measurement of Route iQ’s ROI and a comprehensive understanding of how the software could refine your fleet operations on a day-to-day basis.



Road to Decarbonisation

Reduce your fleets CO2 emissions

Reduce your costs

Experience total cost reductions of up to 30% for instant ROI.

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Experience total cost reductions of up to 30% for instant ROI.

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