Our Journey to B Corp Certification: Fostering Sustainability from Within


As a forward-thinking enterprise, we have committed to ethical business practices by working towards the B Corp certification. We started our journey in May 2022 with an internal business review, focusing on our management, structure, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of our internal landscape. 

On our journey to sustainability, we have targeted five key areas to drive a positive impact: 

  • Governance 
  • Workers 
  • Environment 
  • Community 
  • Customers 

Let’s explore the changes we have made to improve our company’s policies and procedures. 

Reinventing ‘Vision, Mission, and Values’  

The role of governance is pivotal in steering any company toward sustainability. We’ve taken a bold step by reinventing our vision, mission, and values to highlight the importance of our sustainability goals. 

Our board are proudly now held accountable for guiding the company towards sustainable choices, fostering a culture of responsibility, and ethical decision-making. This shift in our company’s purpose prioritises equality, diversity, and environmentally conscious practices above all else. 

Employee Support and Well-being 

At the core of our B Corp journey is our dedication to our workforce. We’ve taken steps toward becoming an incredible place to work, not just by understanding and meeting the fundamental individual needs of our staff, but going over and above to nurture them in their roles, by providing: 

  • Exceptional Healthcare Cover  
  • Competitive Entry-Level Salaries 
  • Flexible Holiday Purchase Scheme 
  • Generous Maternity and Paternity leave 
  • Cycle-to-Work Scheme  

At Matrix iQ, our dedication to equality and diversity is reflected in our recruitment process, utilising a blind application approach to focus solely on experience. 

Our internal consultation forums also ensure that our employees’ voices are heard, making the workplace a collaborative and supportive environment. 

Driving Climate Action and Sustainable Practices 

Matrix iQ are dedicated to steering away from non-recyclable materials, opting for products regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We actively hold our suppliers accountable for our products and ecosystems, prioritising partnerships with businesses who share our values. 

The Financial Climate Contribution certification invests in certified climate projects that combat global warming, support local communities, and align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are extremely proud to have been awarded this certification in 2023, as part of our journey.  

 We support a variety of climate project initiatives, including:  

  • Renewable energy projects across Asia, including wind, solar, hydropower, and biomass initiatives. 
  • Tree planting in the UK, developing diverse and resilient forests. 

This diverse portfolio generates renewable energy, contributes to job creation, and advances the energy transition, reducing emissions from fossil fuels.  

We’ve also pledged to lead our industry by aiming to be ‘Net Zero’ by 2040.  

Community Engagement  

In the community sphere, we are active supporters of local initiatives. We sponsor local football teams, engage with schools, and support charities in need. We use our influence for good by weaving in education and practical changes that we have mastered in all of the topics above.  

By placing importance on local engagement, our aim at Matrix iQ is to create positive impact in the places we live and work.  

Tailor-Made Solutions and Continuous Improvement 

At Matrix iQ, we gather valuable feedback from our customers through focus groups and surveys, to enhance their overall experience. We go beyond providing a one-size-fits-all solution; aiming to tailor our services to align with individual customer needs. By promoting the practice of active listening to our key stakeholders, we’re able to stay up-to-date, making the latest and most relevant updates to our products and services.  

We actively seek ways to support our customers in becoming more sustainable through our award-winning solutions such as SmartLink, cultivating a collaborative relationship that extends the positive impact beyond our business. 

Moving Forward 

As we draw closer to achieving our B Corp certification, our focus is on building a culture of continuous improvement. We are committed to remaining open to evolving practices and staying at the forefront of sustainability efforts. 

We now move forward in January by submitting evidence for evaluation to B Lab. We will then enter the verification queue, eagerly awaiting the final phase of the process. 

Our mission is to lead by example, setting standards not only within our industry but also in the broader community.